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Band Sur

Fusion Band from Mumbai



The music of SUR consists of mainly Indian Classical/Folk melodies superimposed upon western chord changes, rhythms and harmonies.

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SUR consists of musicians who are a blend of experience and youth. They are comprised of the classic formation of Bass, Drums, Guitar and Vocals along with Dhol/Duff/Tabla, percussions and Flute. Suresh Mendoza, is on the bass. His intelligent attack and styling's are a crucial aspect of the band's sound. Glenn Fernandes, is on guitars and with his expressive licks, powerful rhythms and creative melodic ideas provides a unique sound and feel to the band.. The lead vocalist, Arunima Battacharya, has trained in Hindustani Classical Music since childhood and weaves a spell with her melodious voice., Shashank Acharya is on Flute and Rozelle Alphonso is on Keyboards for the electric set and Cello for the Acoustic set.

The band has a high energy sound which can be related to genres such as funk-rock, blues, alternative, and jazz, all stylized with Indian Classical ragas and Rhythms. Some of their influences include Indian Folk Music, Jamiroquai, Level 42 etc..

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