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There are great DJ's and there are great producers. Never standing still,NYK is one of the rare breed that have always excelled as both. As happy on stage at the globe's finest Clubs as he is burrowed in his New Delhi studio, the dedicated artist never fails to pour every drop of his passion into each project he takes on. And his energy never goes unnoticed.

Dj Nyk, aka Nikhil Sahni, is the personification of all that's cool without being over the top and all that's classy without being ostentatious! Times have moved on and Nyk has moved well ahead of them. Within a short span of 4 years Dj Nyk has effectively silenced critics and won the hearts of the gurus of good music and the masses alike. Who have branded him as the "KING OF REMIXES " .

NYK continues to ride high at the pinnacle of the modern dance movement both as a DJ and, more importantly, a producer. Nyk as a producer has never buckled himself to any particular genre alone. Even way before his production had conquered the globe's dancefloors, he had already experimented with ambient , chill out , house , euro trance productions and even drum and bass and Breakbeats .

His indefatigable spirit to constantly discover new and enthralling music for his listeners, coupled with his vibrant energy and an enviable ear for first-rate music, have ensured that the force of this passion of his life is conveyed to one and all.

At the young and ripe age of 24 , Dj Nyk is already a sensation, a phenomenon to be reckoned with!!! His multiple performances across the globe have received wide reviews and today Dj NYK has been the cynosure of all who have an ear for quality.

NYK has toured 28 cities worldwide :

Hong Kong
New Delhi

Nyk's rise to success has truly been meteoric and his career graph bears testimony to the fact. His passion for music gave him the motivation to defy convention and pursue music as more than just a passing hobby. What started off as mere jockeying with his in-house collection of mp3s at the tender age of 16, at local parties and gatherings of friends, post-schooling escalated into a serious study of the art of e-music. Mixing and re-mixing music of the genre of his interest became his fodder day in and out.

NYK's productions have not only displayed his versatility in full focus but pushed desi dance music into totally new areas. Many hold NYK as the producer responsible for giving desi music a new sheen and introducing fresh electro influences into what was becoming a generic sound

The indisputable appeal of his art can be adjudged from the fact that his mixes are regularly played in clubs all over the US, UK, Australia, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong , Bangkok , Malaysia , Indonesia and of
course, back home in India.

His work has also been aired on *FM stations* all over India , Dubai , South Africa , Mauritius , Colorado , Spain etc .

His original productions " Estimulante , Amber and Calling " have released internationally on Progressive Groove records ( Canada ) and are available on all the leading dance music stores including Beatport , Junorecords , Armada , Ministry of Sound , to name a few . The tracks have also been featured and aired on the BBC Asian Networks .

NYK's first Official International Remix " HAZE " on Gold Series Records ( Canada ) got support from International biggies including Current World # 9 DJ GARETH EMERY who featured it on his weekly podcast .

NYK recently made his debut in Bollywood as a music producer / remixer with Shahrukh Khan's movie " Billu Barber " which is out on India's leading music label T - Series .

Some of the other mainstream Bollywood releases are Jai Veeru , Runway , Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani , De Dana Dan and soon to be released CLIQ .

As of SEPTEMBER ? 09, DJ NYK has been voted by fans on the DJ LIST @ as the ?No.1? Indian Dj .

Recently an honour has been bestowed upon DJ NYK by the Japanese concern " PIONEER " who have chosen him as their BRAND AMBASSADOR / OFFICIAL DJ for INDIA .

Now having worked in the industry for just 4 yrs , NYK has earned the respect from fellow Dance music producers , djs , and fans all over the world for his commitment to bringing quality music through his signature electronic dance music productions and numerous dj sets worldwide.



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