DJ Paroma

Bollywood & Commercial House DJ from Mumbai



DJ Paroma is a 24 year old, a complete clubbing soul, a Hip Hop hustler, a night life lover, a bling freak crazy from Mumbai. She has successfully completed an ISO certified course in DJing and has topped in the history of the entire institute in Mumbai. She can play almost every genre of music imaginable, but specializes in commercial house and club music.

She started off her career as a cabin crew at a tender age of 18, for around 5 years for a very reputed airline. That is when she flew international for a maximum period of time, visited a lot of clubs around the world and came across so many different kinds of music. She, then, decided she would be taking up DJing in her near future and was sure she would excel in it! The sense of beats and rhythm came straight from within, naturally!

With music, universally, undergoing constant change, she is continually evolving with experimentation and pushing boundaries of what a DJ could be. She could be the right example of a new career option for ladies of today's generation. Despite of DJing being a challenging job for girls in India, she refused to bow down and sculpting herself with the cues, bars, experimenting with different styles of music, sensing the music pulse within the crowd, turned her into a self-made DJ of course with some guidance from veterans in the field.

She is a resident DJ at Club Orbits, a discotheque at United 21 (Panoramic group of companies), a 4-star hotel in Mumbai,

She also owns a Public Performance License (PPL) which allows people to choose her over many other artists across!

Also Spun At :
1. Escobar, Bandra
2. Christmas Eve, 2011 @ Candy Club, Chennai
3. New Years Eve, 2011 @ Shiros, The Club Lounge, Indore

Her Music Styles :
1. Hip Hop
2. Commercial House and Club
3. Progressive and Tech House
4. Bollywood
5. Retro



Performance Genre