DJ Rink

Bollywood & Commercial House DJ from Mumbai



The musical arena has evolved over the years from disco to trance to hip hop music and India has been country which has been the combination of all evolving at a gradual phase over the years.

Similarly there is a hidden talent which has evolved over the years and is now being launched with great fanfare at the city. She is a 21st century character titled Rink. Rink is someone who turns everyone pink with her aura, her memorizing beauty and key thing being with the nature of tracks which she plays and composes. One which will make an 80 year old man dance on his feet!!

Rink is a root in the entertainment industry since many years. She by profession has organized various Techno-Music and DJ events in the country. She also happens to be a compere. She has been DJ'ing at the most renowned clubs in India and internationally. Locally she has been spinning her music at various events, clubs, college festival, corporate parties and launches and to add to it is a prominent face in media world. She has also featured in video tracks of DJ Remixes and been interviewed by various Radio channels and her performance has made a mark in various newspapers around the globe.

DJ'ing was a passion which she lived with, was part of it day and night out but never felt that she has the potential to make it big on this platform. One fine day at one of the prominent discotheque in the city she happened to play the tracks just for fun and rest is history. The crowd was spell bound with magic she created and then the journey to master the fineness of this industry began. She learnt her DJ course in India from A and A under the guidance of one India's first and most senior DJ, Joe Azerado.

Rink-With the sound knowledge of electronic music, she has her hands in almost all the genres of music. From House to Tribal, Progressive to trance, psy trance to techno, breaks to drum n bass, hip hop to reggae, retro to rock, commercials to world music, one can definitely say that she has the perfect combination of taste and sense for the music. Over the time she has been playing some of the vibrant bollywood numbers all across the globe and she is now recognized as a Bollywood Female DJ. While Mixing and Blending the music she comes out with the real superb experience for the party animals.

Rink has completed her course in Sound Engineering and has been certified by the Institute of Government Poly Technic (Bandra) Mumbai. During this course Rink has learnt about numerous music production softwares and sound recordings.

Rink is not far behind on educational front and she is Masters in commerce degree holder from the top college of Mumbai Mithibai college. She also holds a Diploma in business management from a well recognized management institute (Wellingkar's Institute) in Mumbai India.

After few years of spinning at some of the top clubs in the country and abroad she has taken a step forward and escalating her talent to the next level. She has most recently composed one of the most groovy and jumpy mixes.
She has managed to produce a classic remix of ?DUM MARO DUM=.ELEKTRO VIBE=DJRINK? an evergreen Retro bollywood number. This enthralling track is being played by various clubs and few of the legendary DJs of the town.

DJ Rink promises to produce some more peppy numbers in the forthcoming years taking music to a different level.



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