Sumedha Karmahe

Bollywood Singer from Chhattisgarh



Sumedha Karmahe, popularly known as the Barbie Doll of Chhattisgarh, has shot into limelight with her performances in the most popular reality show of Indian television. She was amongst the final 5 contestants. Her soulful voice and versatile singing have mesmerized the audience and her stunning looks and charming personality have earned her the nickname Barbie Doll.

After the success of Saregamapa Challenge 2007, Sumedha went on to tour the West Indies, USA, Canada to perform in a series of concerts. She performed in New Jersey, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto and some more big cities of USA and Canada.She performed in concerts in Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Belgium, Mauritius, Malaysia, Zambia and Dubai.She also participated in the Idea Rocks 2008 concert series with leading Hindi playback singer Shaan.

She has performed in 14 concerts of this series in 14 cities across India. Sumedha has performed in almost all big states and cities of India.Her playback singing career has started off well with her first solo song 'Chakhri' from the Santosh Sivan directed movie, 'Tahaan' earning her rave reviews from the critics.

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