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Ghazal Singer from India



Party Map presents the profiles of the chosen talented Sufi/Ghazal/Qawwali performers for wedding/sangeet/ethnic themed parties

Ustad Imran Khan : Delhi

Ustad Imran Khan is the disciple and son of Taan Samrat Late Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan Saheb, the renowned maestro of the Dilli Gharana . He hails from a family of distinguished musicians that includes vocalists, tabla players, sarangi players, sitar players and violinists. He carries forward the legacy of his great grandfather, Ustad Mamman Khan Saheb, and several other relatives who were illustrious artists of the gharana, including Aftaab-e-mausiqi, Ustad Chand Khan Saheb, one of the most well known names of the Dilli Gharana and Ustad Hillal Ahmed Khan Saheb, among others. He started his initial training in Hindustani classical vocal music at the age of three years with his father, Late Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan Saheb. He is a Sangeet Visharad from the Allahabad Prayag Sangeet Samiti. Subsequently he has been working with his cousin, Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, who is also the head of the Dilli Gharana, his uncle, Ustad Zafar Ahmed Khan, and another cousin, Ustad Saeed Zafar Ahmed Khan. His singing is a rare combination of gharanedar gayaki and a modern style. He carries forward the tradition of the Gharana and imbibes it with a freshness of approach. This is especially evident in his rendition of thumri and dadra, where he uses mixed ragas skillfully, and in his innovative use of taal and percussion. A rising star of the Dilli Gharana, Imran Khan's singing showcases the immense variety and heritage of the gharana, both in terms of the diversity of ragas and bandishes, as well in terms of technique. His proficiency in khayal singing is outstanding. His vilambit theherav brings out the beauty and the mood of the raga, while the sheer variety in drut taans, and their flawless execution, leave the listener mesmerised. This talented vocalist has participated in several music festivals in India and abroad. like: The countries he has traveled to include United States of America, England, Scotland, Greece , Romania, Slovakia, Germany , Russia , Sentpettersberg, Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In addition he has performed in several cities of India and earned a name as a gifted and skilful performer. In addition to his mastery over the classical form, he also excels in singing a variety of semi classical music forms such as the thumri, dadra, tappa, ghazals, bhajan and Sufiana qalam. He has given several performances in Delhi and other cities of India of each of these forms to critical acclaim. Apart from his musical accomplishment, Imran Khan is an engaging and articulate performer. He is particularly skilled at communicating ideas and observations about his own music and about Hindustani music in general. He carries forward his illustrious heritage by training the next generation of students.

This act is most sought at events with a sit-down, listening audience - both young and old, that enjoys good music.

Travel and Stay Requirements - If the event is outside Delhi, then 6 Eco tickets & 6 Single rooms in a 4 Star and above Hotel.

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