Shaair and Func

Electronica Band from Mumbai



Arguably the most commercially successful indie band in India, Shaai'r and Func are certainly on their way to becoming the most prolific. Formed in 2007, Shaai'r and Func, commonly known as S+F, have garnered a reputation as VH1's top emerging artists of 2007, best independent artists of 2008 (VH1), nominations from the AVIMA Foundation as the top dance act in South-East Asia and recognition from the Jack Daniels Rock Awards for best female front-woman among bands in India.

In three years, while actively touring India, UK and the US, S+F have released 3 successful albums, New Day: The Love Album, Light Tribe and MANTIS. Their music includes a heavy dose of experimentation within the popular and cutting edge genres of dance / electronic and rock music, while retaining a world pop accessibility.

"Once they hit you, there's no getting off the dance floor." - Rolling stone, India- June 2008
"S+F's music is the music of New India" - Indian Express - September 1st 2008

"The Light Tribe is packed with futuristic electro-pop that sounds as good live as it does on record." - Time Out - May 16th 2008

"Indie Music Heroes" - Time Out - May 16th 2008

"Irreverent, frenzied yet Shaa'ir + Func employs a method in the madness that accompanies the process of creating music." - The Statesman - September 2nd 2008

"Overall, in many ways, Shaa'ir and Func are the best thing to happen to Indian rock music in a while. And that's because they aren't Indian, nor are they rock. Their vibe is cosmopolitan and truly 'world' without the limitations of generic considerations cramping their style." -SPLIT magazine

"It's a very creative record...we're tipping that it's gonna be big!" - RAVE magazine re. New Day: The Love Album's 4/5 stars

"Shaa'ir and func is a band that is clearly changing how Indian music is perceived to be..." - Mid-Day News

"Fusing a melange of poetry, funk, R&B, electronica, and a healthy side of jazz, Shaa'ir and Func live to serve up the unexpected. Their bridging of the gaps between a plethora of genres is reflected in their first record, New Day: The Love Album." -Nirali Magazine

"They overwhelm you with their rich, frothy music; there's a flushed up energy exploding through every note. There's an underlying sensual pleasure that the electronic explorations bring you, and though you might be tempted to compare them to other international electronic acts, the chemistry that you can dig into while listening to Shaa'ir + Func is unique. " -The Record

"Her lyrical quirkiness and his equally wacky approach to music aiming to cut across the urban youth has caught on as a frenzy" - DNA News

"[Shaa'ir] is killing the cynics with hope, and she doesn't even know it." - The Rock Street Journal

"A promising new sound" - Mumbai Mirror

"A very creative's gonna be big!" - RAVE India re. New Day: The Love Album's 4 of 5 stars

"The undergrounds most promising collaboration..." - The Rock Street Journal

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