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"ONE-VIBE" - In today's age of electronic music, the rise to stardom is often as fast as the fall into obscurity. Solidarity is hard to come by, but London & India based Dj Ujjval(one vibe) has proven that when it comes to DJing, experience and vision with just plain persistence pays off. His 8 years as a class DJ has won him one of the largest cult followings in the EDM and Bollywood music community. Dj Ujjval(one vibe) developed his trade from small beginnings, purchasing his Dj console in 2003 after saving enough cash from work at club in his town as start up Dj. After years sharpening his mixing abilities and spinning at any party or event that would have him, he progressed to playing out at the biggest clubs and hottest parties and EDM Festivals around the world, including the famous "CLUB ONE".

Currently based in London & India and graduated from very prestigious Point Blank Music College London , Dj Ujjval(one vibe) has managed to amass an illustrious list of achievements in both DJing and Producing. He has held long-standing residencies at some of India's most important clubbing institutions widely becoming noticed as some of the latest high quality talents on offer from India and UK, Dj Ujjval(one vibe) Connection's sound and attention to detail has seen him making a mark with not only in productions but with DJ sets. He fancies Bollywood and EDM with the kind of music he wants, determined not to be held back by perceptions and tags from the past, he continues to be a global representative for electronic music by consistently breaking down underground barriers and bringing new music to the people, without compromise. Clearly he has found his sound and the results are very evident in the free flow of original productions and remixes being consistently supported by top most Djs around the globe. Dj Ujjval mixing abilities, track selection, and cutting-edge style became crystal clear to the world.

Shared stage with famous DJ's in the industry in India & Abroad. Toured cities like Mumbai, Lucknow, Goa, Bangalore, Ahmedabad to name a few... and also internationally in various cities of UK and for private events and clubs in Dubai,Bangkok and Bali to name a few... Dj ujjval(one vibe) was the semifinalist at KINGFISHER ULTRA-DJ 2010 Mumbai India.

On the production front Dj Ujjval(one vibe) has made a name for himself producing fresh, unique beats which have turned heads on the dance floor and exclusive releases on internet and private radio station. Dj Ujjval(one vibe) releases have been played and charted by the different Djs and clubs round the globe. Dj Ujjval(one vibe) with his mixing abilities and immense indulgence with crowd makes him a true performing Dj than anybody else. A man on the up, Dj Ujjval(one vibe) balances his djing and music production with unmatched vigor. As one of Indias upcoming highest profile DJs he is also undoubtedly one of the hardest working. In pursuit of his passion, this entertainer is only at the start of a life long journey.

With a list of achievements that already overshadows many DJs ten years senior to him, it is clear that Dj Ujjval(one-vibe) has proven how combination of genuine talent and dedication can go a long way. And as his residencies, productions and compilations continue to open the ears of thousands of people across the planet, with the fact he has a whole host of future projects up his sleeve reveals the best is still to come.



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