Kalpana Patowary

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Kalpana Patowary disciple of legendary Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and influenced by Dr Bhupen Hazarika, the 'Bard of Brahmaputra' geographically hails from Assam.
Trained in Assamese folk by her folksinger father Bipin Patowary and Indian Classical music, Kalpana Patowary blessed with a stunning five-octave range and signature vocal abilities, has been hailed as a prodigy in the world of Bhojpuri music. ?She gave Bhojpuri Music a new twist?. Critic wrote that she changed the art of Bhojpuri vocals.
Very few people know that Kalpana Patowary is as versatile that she justifies or renders both in raw folk forms as well as western singing.
Kalpana Patowarys music genre is about primitive-acoustic folk with some trace of Indian classical music, ambient electronic and new age jazz - fusion.
Her first language is Assamese but she sings in Bhojpuri, Hindi, Bengali, English and 25 other languages with around 9000 songs to her credit.
She is deeply rooted in nirgun, purvi, kajree, pachra(devi geet,sohar, vivaah geet, chaita, nautanki, bihu, goalporia folk and many other folk forms from UP - Bihar and presented in a new way to the world.

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