Indian Ocean

Folk Rock Band from Delhi



In 1984, Susmit Sen met Asheem during a concert. He was a fan of Niharika - a Bengali band Asheem played tabla for. They hit it off right away. Asheem was taken up by Susmit's guitar-playing and his vision to evolve a new sound. Susmit, in turn, learnt the nuances of rhythm from Asheem.
For the next 3 years, every now and then, they jammed as a duo, Susmit on guitar and Asheem on tabla and drums - no vocals anywhere in sight. After a memorable debut concert at Roorkee, there was only the occasional stray performance.
In 1990, Susmit sold his electric guitar to raise money for a demo recording of their band, by now called Indian Ocean (Susmit's dad suggested the name). With Shaleen Sharma on drums, and Indrajit Dutta and Anirban Roy on bass, they recorded the demo, taping an incredible 45 minutes and 7 songs in 1 day. Despite the rushed recording, the quality of the demo tape impressed HMV enough to offer them an album deal. In 1991, Rahul Ram, a schoolmate of Susmit's, joined the band,they both did their schooling from St.Xaviers,Delhi and replacing Anirban on bass.
But, much to the band's frustration, the album took a year to get released. But when it did come out, it sold over 40,000 copies within a year of its release - at that time, the highest selling record by any Indian band ever.
In 1994, drummer Shaleen left the band. Amit Kilam, barely out of his teens and, in fact, still taking his college exams, took his place. This has been the line-up since then: Susmit, Asheem, Rahul and Amit.

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