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An iconic Indian rock band with a twist, considering they play rock music in Hindi. With an unparalleled mass appeal, and critical acclaim, Euphoria is widely considered as the biggest band in the subcontinent. Put together by Dr.Palash Sen and his friends in New Delhi in 1988, 20 years later, ther are the sole survivors of the pop music wave that hit the nation in the mid-nineties.

Palash Sen, front-man and doctor, stuck to his dreams of performing in front of crowds and entertaining people. He is known to empty the tank night after night. Bass player extraordinaire, Debajyoti Bhaduri, joined hands with Palash in the early nineties and adopted Euphoria as his own dream. The duo has been playing together ever since.

Moving through several line ups, the band kept searching for their elusive break. It came 10 years after their inception in 1988. Euphoria released their first studio album titled 'Dhoom' in the October of 1998 to critical acclaim and commercial success. They became the pioneers of 'Hind Rock' or rock music in Hindi. Their first single was titled 'Dhoom Pichuk' - and it became the most popular video to hit TV screens in that decade. Directed by ad-guru Pradeep Sarkar, the video became a benchmark for non Bollywood music videos.

After the success of 'Dhoom', Euphoria started work on their second studio album 'Phir Dhoom'; and delivered hit singles such as 'Phir Dhoom', 'Rock Sako', and 'Pyar Hi Tha'. But it was their first single 'Maaeri' which became their most successful song, and their trademark tune. Two back to back hit records had already cemented Euphoria as a force to be reckoned with. In 2001, the band released what would be India's first single 'Mantra', and established their unique hind rock resonance which was an eclectic mixture of Indian and global sounds.

Mantra was later included in the band's third album, 'Gully' in 2003, which was an instant craze amongst the Indian audiences. Three music videos were made for the songs 'Ana Meri Gully', 'Raja Rani' and 'Ab Na Jaa' and all of them received heavy airplay on mainstream TV channels. In 2006, the fourth studio album 'Mehfuz' surprised critics and fans alike. The new sound and the maturity in the songwriting won a lot of hearts and made Euphoria the only force in Indian music which could commercially take on Bollywood. Four music videos were released for the songs 'Soneya', 'Mehfuz', 'Bewafaa', and 'Rab Jaane'. In 2008, the band completed 10 years of their recording career and released 'ReDhoom' a commemorative compilation album consisting of 12 of Euphoria's biggest hits with a music video of the song 'Bhoola Sab'.

Euphoria has played live concerts across the country and the globe, and is known to be the most prolific live act from India. The band is now readying for the release of their highly awaited fifth studio album, scheduled for a release in August 2011 and is also shooting for an upcoming documentary on 14 of their popular music videos, to be webcast on the internet. Besides that, they will also make a comeback in the Bollywood circuit with their song 'Jiya Jaye Na' for the film Mumbai Cutting, starring Dr. Palash Sen in the lead role.

After a successful tour of the USA in November 2010 and the release of 'Dilli Meri Jaan' and 'Gateway to your heart' the theme tracks of the Commonwealth Games 2010, the band is looking forward to.. what else, but more DHOOM...

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