DJ Whosane!

Bollywood & Commercial House DJ from Mumbai



DJ/Producer/Composer/Engineer, Hussain Babai, aka Dj Whosane!, has a diverse repertoire. He's been in the entertainment and sound business for over 20 years. Pioneering the dance scene in India, he broadened the entertainment spectrum and paved the way for a whole industry. Also, promoting pubs/nightclubs and a DJ culture in India, he has been involved in designing, operating and managing them right from its infancy stage, and has played a major role in making the relatively unknown term 'Disc Jockey' into the widely accepted and respected profession that it is today in India. Over two decades in this industry, he is still one of the most sought after DJs in India.

Developing a unique Fusion sound and style that has been constantly evolving in an ever-shrinking world of boundaries, depending on the type of event, his performance can be divided into 2 primary genres - House & Bollywood, though his repertoire boasts of catering to every diverse genre and crowd profile.

House - Harmonic Progression is the foundation of his set, a journey of heart-pounding, foot-stompin, hip-shakin, ass-groovin across-the-border house music, blending with diverse genres ranging from the Classics to Classic Rock to Classical, Retro to Pop, to create an eclectic blend of a signature sound that is distinctly his own.

Bollywood - Mastering the art of Remixing-on-the-fly, Desi gets a whole new twist. Tracks ranging from hip-hop to progressive are remixed live with full-on dance music to create an inimitable sound, creating a live-wire audience on a pulsating dance floor.

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