DJ Smitz

House DJ from Pune



Welcome to the world of DJs and shake hands with the "Goddess of this world" - Dj SmitZ. A self-made success icon frequently embossed on "Page 3" of various magazines. DJ SmitZ, aka Smitee Luximon, is quite popular on the club circuit. At 5-ft 8-inch, the 22-year-old stands out from the crowd wherever she goes, be it National level shows [Uk / Mauritius] or International gigs. A total go-getter, this bubbly bright enthusiastic DJ, has been the hottest new talent to hit the party scene in recent years. She amazed the entertainment industry and created history in 2008, by being the first lady DJ to ever make it to the WATFORD MIX MASTER COMPETITION in London of the DJs, giving her 40-odd guy competitors a run for their money! She???s also captured the Puniete party scene. Being a versatile DJ, her styles include Progressive House and Commercial House. Coming to India she has not stop learning to spin new genre of music; now she is also trying her hands at Bollywood. Dj SmitZ is a charming music-magician with a very absorbing history of how she came to be a DJ: to begin with, she got inspired by how the 'DJ' was making the people danced on his beats at a party. Being a party animal, she felt the call of music. Then her thirst engraved and she took this domain more seriously and began the real journey some 2 years ago. Once on road, her 'karma' doesn't break... and it's the same way in her parties where we just don't stop banging. All this at such tender an age is due to the dynamism that she carries and hard work that she practices. Very professional in her work, she takes care of even a minute job with equal attention. Her fans hence call her a perfect arm of music here no defaults have space. Guys salute to this 'cool babe' and girls cry 'Oh! my Gaush!'. But this mere introduction cannot but let us imagine a pinch of her art, if you really wanna feel her magic and be taken higher than

or simply be where she spins tonight...!



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