DJ Praveen Nair

Bollywood & Commercial House DJ from Navi Mumbai



An Aquarian by birth, engineer by trade, music connoisseur by profession and a roadie for life, Praveen is a down to earth friendly guy who is amongst the top best Indian Djs to make it on the International Dj scene.
Dj Praveen Nair is now Dj turned Producer and has recently released a super hit pop album
"Burn D Dance floor" on the music label 'Times Music'. The album consists of 8 tracks including 3 orignal compositions on it. The Music video track 'Kero Mama' is all over the airwaves on all Indian channels worldwide.
He runs his own Radio shows on 2 different continents over the weekends...
1>The popular FEVER 104 FM station in India every Saturdays 9 pm to midnight. The show 'Saturday Nite Fever with Dj Praveen Nair' is currently ranked the no.1 bollywood dance mix show on Indian radio with over 3 million listnership every weekend.
2> He has also now recently started his show "Club HD" now aired in Hum Desi Radio all over North America every Friday nights 9pm to midnite..


Praveen started spinning music as an amateur Dj in the year 2002. A Student of Jo Azaredo he achieved his first success in the first two months of his career when he went on to be ranked amongst the top seven Djs of Mumbai city (courtesy: The Times Of India). His famous mix of "Summer of 69" with Bhanghra became all the rage.
In 2003, with an indigenous club culture now thriving in cities across the India, Praveen went on the radio with fellow Dj Vivek. Their Red Live show on 93.5 Red Fm every Saturday nights instantly established itself for a new generation of young clubbers. Heavy on house, but with room for the best hip hop, and funky Bollywood sounds from both India and around the world, it appealed to all tastes in contemporary dance music. Moreover, it merged the cutting-edge with the mainstream. Praveen became amongst the country's best-known dance DJs, while keeping his credibility intact. He saw himself playing at the top nightclubs and events across India.
In 2004, Praveen became the runner up of the prestigious "Times Music War of the Djs". He was officially ranked amongst the top best Djs of India by The Times group and MTV. The same year got Praveen his first residency at club "Provogue Lounge". If one person had to be singled out for Provogue Lounge's success it would be none other than top-class resident Praveen Nair, whose mammoth sets of chunky house and intoxicating Bollywood and hip hop sounds have dragged him into the realms of a star DJ, and the club into one of the clubbing success stories of the year. The clubbers still speak about it in hush tones.
In 2005 & 2006, Praveen was handling nightclubs and Djs, a few of his ventures being: Provogue Lounge - Mumbai (2004), 10 Downing Street - Pune (2003 - 2006), Amnesia (The Leela) - Mumbai (2006), Taxi - Mumbai (2006), Fashion Cafe - Mumbai (2006).
Over the past five years, he has risen to meteoric success. And this DJ star continues to stay on the rise.
A tastemaker whose sets combine quality music with the power to move dance floors around the world, Praveen now tours the with his exciting and energetic music. In the last two years, he's wowed crowds in such far flung places as Egypt, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, Italy,Moscow, Hong Kong, China,Sri Lanka and the middle east. He leads a very pro-active life juggling the numerous facets of his career that has made him the man he is today at home and abroad.
His Media coverage spans from Major news papers of The Times Of India, Record Mag, Bombay Times, Jlt, Jam, Chip Mag and other international editions, and television Channels like MTV, Ndtv, Zee Trends and more.
He is also the first Indian Dj to ever play at the "Pyramid of Giza" at Cairo, Egypt, and the prestigious "Town Hall" in Sydney, Australia, on The Great Wall Of China and also performing at the exotic Sun City in South Africa.



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