DJ Mohit

Bollywood & Commercial House DJ from Nizamabad



DJ Mohit is a professional DJ. His passion to become a DJ was discovered
when he was 13. His love for music is endless. He had always wanted to
be a DJ so he could play the music he loves for other people. His sets are
always evolving. In terms of tailoring to a specific crowd, he certainly does
play differently depending on the situation. It\'s a different feel, for example,
in a small club versus a festival. Even as a hip-hop DJ he always keeps it
classy. His motto is: \'FLASHY BUT CLASSY.\' He???s ought to be original
and wants to stand out from the crowd and take some chances, always, while
keeping it classy.
He has learnt DJing at ???Panache the DJ school??. The only pioneer certified DJ school in Andhra Pradesh. He spins the following Genres ???
Commercial House,
Latest Retro Remixes,
Electro House,
Club House.
As much as he is into hip-hop, he\'s into bollywood. As much as he is into bollywood, he???s
into house. As much as he???s a DJ, he loves all genres of music.

Performance Genre