DJ Kamya

Bollywood & Commercial House DJ from Delhi



DJ Kamya is well known DJ in the party circuit of Delhi & Mumbai. She's a model turned DJ. She has spun turntables at IVY, The Islander Bar, Ricks( The Taj) and she did all of this in just less than a month.Though her passion is on 'Commercial House' (music), she has got her hands on most of the genres.
Kamya says,"A good DJ is one who instantly catches with the pulse of the crowd and spin accordingly."

Besides being titled as the HOTTEST Female DJ of India by a leading newspaper of India, DJ Kamya is the FIRST AND THE ONLY female dj of india to play DHOL. she..her dhol debut performance was in front of a crowd of 16000 people..what took others more than 5 to 6 years, Kamya did it in less than 2 years..Kamya is a renowned celebrity dj of delhi. not only she makes the crowd go crazy to her tunes, but also herself is a powerpuffed, fun filled, enthusiastic and a charming DJ while she is on the console...she does not believe in competetion.. THE ONLY COMPETETOR I HAVE IS 'MYSELF'..... coming soon to a console near out for her coz sky is not the limit for this ambitious girl

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