DJ Beat2

House DJ from Mumbai



Dj Beat2's musical journey began at a young age meant for carefree days in the sun, instead he showed a passionate enthusiasm for music and so he started to make inroads into training himself to be the console artist of today.

An early introduction to club music was borne from exposure to international djs of the stature of Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Sasha & John Digweed who are rocking the dance-floors all across the world and his musical career had the much needed boost to kick-start with unassuming stints at private parties and guest dj acts at hip night clubs.

Beat2 honed his console skills and learned to master the art of playing it right, he began a much talked about residency at one of the premier hot spots in Mumbai, the deejay consoles his play ground at last. His interests also lay in making/ composing music that heralds the coming of age of contemporary deejays, with a production head, set well in place he is a front runner in the music industry of today. Having schooled himself with a degree at the polished London College of Music (LCM), he is the youth and future of dance music.

A friendly demeanor and an electric vibe has gone into making him a sought after dj, having shared the stage with international dance legends of the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Jonathan Ulysses and renowned national djs as well, a high profile residency at Poison once owned by a master dj/producer sees Beat2 rise as one of the brightest young talents in the super club land of India.

Presently, Dj Beat2 is spinning contemporary popular dance music in his signature style at renowned dance venues in Goa, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune.

He is also playing at a monthly residency at Hype (Worlds Finest Clubs list), Atria Mall, Mumbai spear headed by the clubbing giant Aqeel, Beat2 is truly poised to take the big leap into the dance hall of fame in 2010

He has in recent times been reaping huge rewards with his dance floor breaking Bollywood mixes of Kabhi Main Kahun (Progressive Mix), Hotty Naughty - (Beat2 in da Club Mix) from the Akshay Kumar starrer De Dhana Dhan, Distort This Thought- Dark Mix, available on cds at selected music stores across the country.

Fast forward to production in studio time and gigs all around India, he is poised to race out front with the existing greats.

Catch the hottest action from the gentle jolt of a boy, watch for his gig guide and keep tuned into music that's played right.



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