DJ Barkha

Bollywood & Commercial House DJ from Delhi



Picture this: A girl on the DJ console sets the dance floor on fire as she spins music and makes the crowd go wild with her crazy mixes. Who said boys have all the fun? Meet Barkha Kaul, 26, a model-cum-DJ from Delhi

The person:

Having been a model for seven years now, I always thought that was the toughest profession. But when I became a DJ, I discovered a whole new side to myself. You're treated differently, people expect so much from you. I love the excitement of doing something new. It was in the middle of my course that I informed my dad I was learning DJ-ing. It was funny as I had to really explain to him in detail what it meant and how it worked. But my parents had no issues with me taking it up as a profession since they trust me.

Passion for the profession:
I feel anyone with an interest for music can take up this profession, it doesn't matter whether you're male or female. Spinning and mixing music, making people dance to my tunes, gives me a different high altogether. I love interacting with my crowd and those little conversations over the mike make it more interesting.

Respect factor:
At clubs and parties, people are thrilled to know they have a female DJ playing for them. Aunties especially, often write their requests on tissue paper and send it to me, they probably feel proud that a girl can rock the dance floor! It's just in some people's minds that only a guy can be a DJ... the respect is definitely there.

The ultimate learning:
Being an artist, when you perform with hundreds dancing before your eyes, you realise it's not an easy job. It has taught me so much about how to entertain others. I feel proud of myself because I never knew I could be so brilliant with music and do so much with it.

Societal norms:
It's traditional thinking that only a boy can be a DJ, but things are changing. People are more receptive to women in this profession. Most of them think there's a glamour factor attached to it, but honestly, you have to be good with your job - good looks are of no use otherwise!

The darker side:
It's a fact that you have to do your job at odd timings. And at places where you perform, people are usually drunk and prone to misbehaving. But proper security measures are taken and there are always bouncers present to ensure such incidents. Also, it's more fear than reality.

Feminine quotient:
I am a very girly-girly person, so while stepping into a DJ's shoes, I make sure that I look like a rock star, though not a complete guy, of course! But otherwise, I am a pure woman from the way I talk, walk and to my dressing, and so on.



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