Bombay Rockers

Pop Singer from Denmark



When Naf & Thomas met up in 2003 in Denmark they had no idea how their musical collaboration would soon spread to the rest of the world. First track recorded was "Ari Ari". Soon followed by "Sexy mama" and the smash hit "Rock Tha Party".

Their debut album "Introducing..." was released in 32 countries in 2005/2006, and they became Superstars in India overnight. Introducing..." was followed up in 2007 with their sophomore album "Crash And Burn" with hits like "Kushi" and "Out of control".

In 2008 the guys featured on the smash hit "Nach Lay" by the rap duo Overseas. For the last two years Bombay Rockers have been working hard on their third album while touring all over India. They've taken on the challenge of reinventing their sound and style once again, and finally the result is ready to see the light of day.

The album is titled "Rock And Dhol". It's a mixture of electronic, pop and dance music.

First single "Let's dance" pretty much sums up what Bombay Rockers is all about. The song has an addictive party groove and will surely fill the dance floor in no time. Bombay Rockers are once again ready to "Rock and Dhol". Are you ???

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