Ambili Menon

Female Singer from Mumbai



THE LADY GAGA of INDIA is here...! Energetic, Interactive, Sensational, Funky and Indefatigable, Ambili is the biggest rage in the Live Music scene in India. Her on-stage charisma promises to make even the most stubborn audience ROCK with her on the dance floor! If you've seen her, you have fallen in love with her, if you haven't yet... Well, you ought to tune into 'THE AMBILI EXPERIENCE...!'

"Thank you for the music" was all, the curly tress, pigtailed girl would sing; standing in front of the mirror, hair brush microphone... she was 6 yrs then.

Impatient by nature, restless with time; never was it an easy task to seat her down with the harmonium and her guru for music lessons. Mother and child would sit together for the lessons; for the child it was an ordeal to learn and for her mother it was the ordeal that she knew her daughter's voice deserved... she was 7 yr kid then.

Waking up in the mornings and humming to 'Baazigar' and 'Power of Love' she'd trot off to school. It was the ushering of pop culture in India that got Britney Spears in perspective of this classically trained girl, who realized that it was in her to be to India what Britney was to the US. She knew the Spears songs by heart, would magically know every word of her every song but still struggle with Geography... she realized Britney was her true inspiration... now she was a teen.

Her struggle with geography was over; it was time for her to rock India; but as every parent's aspirations have been, she was sent away to college. Little dented but unrelenting, her world of music and dance didn't stop there, it in fact started there. She started off with Bangalore, rocking her college as a dancer at every fest, winning prizes at intercollegiate fetes and soldering her dreams bit by bit; as she moved on to Pune and finally landed at Mumbai.

Finishing as a student of mass communication in Pune, landing in Mumbai her work would keep her behind the camera. While her hands would tinker on behind the camera, her heart would be in a longing to be in front of it.

Taking that longing to the next step she landed with a bang on "Sunsilk Gang of Girls" a music reality show aired on Zoom. It showcased the girls' music skills along with honing from mentors like Manasi Scott, Baba Sehgal, Leslie Lewis, Sandip Soparrkar, Zubeen Garg. Her talent as a singer and her on-stage presence earned her the vote by the mentors as 'The singer capable of winning a Grammy' and 'The best on-stage performer'...! This was the turning point in her life.

Moving on from her 'Gang of Girls' days she got on to the roller coaster ride of television shows such as Zoom's 'Maximum Style', Zee Muzic's 'Hafta Bandh', 'B4U Express', Sahara One's 'Jhoom India' with Mahesh Bhatt, Shabana Azmi, Shekhar Suman, Zubeen Garg, Shweta Tiwari and others.

Life did not stop there; the phones started ringing and henceforth started a scamper for show bookings. With currently over 600 shows under her belt she's raging on with her current foray being into the world of playback singing and it's not long before this star becomes India's supernova.

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