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Agnee is an Indian rock band, and the first to have seen a mainstream release. The band's debut album "Agnee" was released on May 15, 2007 on SONY BMG. Since then, they have released many singles using the free distributable medium of the World Wide Web and gained a cult following in the rock music crazy circles of Mumbai and Pune.


Agnee was formed in 2006 in BHILAI, and soon signed by Sony BMG. Agnee is one of very few Indian rock bands to have signed a major label record deal.


Agnee's music is a collective of individual styles of composing and performing: Koco with his Classic rock, Pop and Indian influences and Mohan with his Carnatic and Hindustani classical influences. Agnee's music showcases all of the above and the compositions in the first album vary in style accordingly. The songs move in genre from Folk rock and Pop-Rock to straight up Pop, and incorporate elements of Funk, Jazz and Carnatic music as well.


K. Mohan - Vocals
The lead vocalist of the band, Mohan's primary musical instrument is the Mridangam.

He's from a family of Carnatic classical musicians, so music's pretty much a way of life! Mohan's forte is the way he manages to combine his understanding of melody and rhythm together to create his own unique style, both in compositions as well as on stage.

Koco - Guitars

The lead guitarist of the band, Koco's sound is one that has inspired musicians all over India to take up the guitar. He's been traditionally known for his rock and blues sound, combined with a core Indian sensibility and understanding. Now he incorporates various other styles of playing, including finger picking, jazz, funk and a lot of acoustic playing with equal panache, giving the band a wider musical range. Koco also endorses Paul Reed Smith Guitars.

Among JAMIR - Bass
Hrishikesh DATAR - Drummer
Aditya PUSHKARNA - Keyboards

Pradeep RATANJANKAR - Music Tech
Nitin JOSHI - Sound Engineer
Emmanuelle DE DECKER - Manager

Influenced by classic rock bands like Sting, Dave Matthews band, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple.


Sadho re - this is one of the mystic songs of Sant Kabir.
Shaam Tanha
Ujale Baaz
Keh lene do
Kuch Ankahee
The Roadies Song - Inspired by popular demand on an Orkut message board.
Splitsvilla Season 2 theme song. ( A.k.a The Love song)
Lamha yeh jayega kahan - A slightly moving number from the movie Dil Dosti Etc.
Khanabadosh - A typical rock number from the movie London Dreams sung by Mohan.
Splitsvilla Season 3 theme song. (A.k.a Raanjhan Yaar Di)
Kaise Ho Tum ( Male and female versions) - A recently released single from agnee featuring Mohan and upcoming playback singer Shilpa Rao in individual numbers.
Jee Lay Abhi - Another single from agnee sung by Mohan and popular Viva girl Anushka Manchanda
Naav Chadti - An excellent number in the semi-rock genre for the movie Udaan sung by Mohan, the lead singer of agnee.

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Folk Rock Band from Mumbai