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Party Map DJ Academy

India's biggest Academy with branches in Mumbai, Thane, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Pune & Bangalore for DJ, Music Production & Sound Engineering

Courses for DJs and Music Producers

  1. Advance DJ Course For Beginners (DJX) - 3 Months

  2. Advance DJ Course For Professional DJs (CDST) - 1.5 Months

  3. Digital DJ'ing (DD) - 0.5 Month

  4. Battle on CDJs (WAR) - 1 Month

  5. Sound Setup for DJs (SS) - 0.5 Month

  6. Recommended - Digital DJ'ing For Beginners (DJX+DD+SS) - 4 Months

  7. Electronic Music Production with Projects (EMPX) - 3 Months

  8. Mastering (MST) - 0.5 Month

  9. Electronic Music Production & Mastering (EMPPRO) - 3.5 Months

  10. Combo Course - DJX + DD + EMPX (COMBO-1) - 6.5 Months

  11. Recommended Combo Course - DJX + DD + SS + EMPPRO (COMBO-2) - 7.5 Months

  12. Master Class with DJ Akhil Talreja (CDX)

  13. Teen DJ Summer Camp (TEEN)- 1 Month

Music Production Online Training

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India's Best DJ's Quote

DJ Tejas - "Had a great time here, this is my second time here, its a very nice institute, i love the vibe, lovely atmosphere, positivity and professional, DJing and Production faculties are very professional, PartyMap is the place to learn"

DJ Chetas - "India finally has a Good DJ institute where youngsters can learn. I would love to come here again."

DJ Paroma - "PartyMap faculties are amazing and I would love to be a part of this once, all the best!"

DJ Shadow Dubai - "Its the most professional DJ school I have ever been to, they got proper studio, proper classrooms, i am really impressed, this is my second time at PartyMap, loved interacting with the students"

DJ Akbar Sami - "There infrastructure simply awesome, I loved interacting with the students, it was a fabulous experience"

DJ Notorious - "Akhil Talreja is the best thing about PartyMap, they have really experienced trainers, they have all the right softwares and plugins, Students are lucky that now there is PartyMap for learning professionally and I recommend that students should join here as soon as possible"

DJ Lemon - "I loved interacting with students here and would like to come again and again"

DJ Kamya - "I was very surprised to see students come here from all over India, looking at this cool academy I feel like becoming a student again. PartyMap DJ Academy Rocks!"

DJ A.Sen - "Here the students are really amazing, and if you really want to learn and hone your skills join PartyMap and I bet you will become a proper DJ and a Producer"

DJ Shireen - "My experience with the batches was extremely fantastic, it was a great experience conducting a workshop at PartyMap, faculties here have a lot of knowledge and are really talented"

DJ Lijo - "Join PartyMap!"

DJ Kiran Kamath - "Faculties are very helpful towards the students and its a very friendly atmosphere, the setup is perfect"

DJ Rink - "Studio setup is superb, no other institute in Bombay comes near PartyMap, I wish I had them in my time, all the best!"

DJ Shilpi Sharma - "Beautiful place"

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Course Features

  • The Institute is for training students who want to become professional DJs or Producers

  • The course offers 100% Practicals with In-depth theory sessions on the latest equipments

  • The course includes requirements of the night life industry and Bollywood

  • Party Map course content is simple and easy to learn and will equip you with the right skill sets

  • Party Map Remixes in Collaboration with DJ Akhil Talreja has been released on the original sound track of Bollywood films like Hum Tum Shabana (2011), Sahi Dhande Galat Bande(2011), and A Flat(2010) and you can learn the secret of creating such high quality remixes via this course

  • The batches have been designed keeping in mind the target group and offers various time slots for students and working men and women and outstation students

  • The class is run by professionals with immense exposure and experience in their respective fields

  • With personal attention and performance reviews by DJ Akhil Talreja to groom and fine tune your skills, this is the academy you should opt for

Why Party Map?

Party Map, an online talent booking company in Mumbai, is the leading DJ service Portal in India that has changed the way DJs are hired by the club. Party Map, launched in May'2009, has made the business of hiring DJs more professional and serious. Party Map is a complete online business with artist managers working in the background to ensure that nightclubs and event managers around the world get the right talent. In short you can call it the for DJs! Many DJs and Bands have been placed in high quality gigs in and around India. Apart from getting DJ Akhil Talreja a New Year party in San Francisco and DJ NYK & Imran Khan (of Amplifier Fame) their first African Gig we have organised a tour for DJ Aqeel in Australia and Indian club gigs for Nikhil Chinapa, DJ Nasha, DJ Akbar Sami, Bally Sagoo in premium nightlife properties in India.
In 2010 we launched "Party Map Remixes" in collaboration with DJ Akhil Talreja. So far Party Map Remixes have been launched on movies like Hum Tum Shabana(2011), Sahi Dhande Galat Bande(2011), A Flat(2010). Via the Electronic Music Production course we plan to impart the secret recipe of creating such high quality remixes.

Party Map Remix Releases

About DJ Akhil Talreja

In Sept'2012 DJ Akhil Talreja was appointed as the official national screening Jury for India's biggest DJ hunt by Radio Mirchi called Mirchi Mix. The cash prize was Rs.5 Lakhs. DJ Akhil Talreja is the Hit Remix Producer of "ReRun" "AKHILICIOUS" series, "Hey Na Na Shabana feat. Raghav" "Tenu Le Ke Jaana" & many more remixes. Ranked #1 DJ on Party Map - India's largest online artist booking service, DJ Akhil is a celebrity DJ having performed for several top corporates & high profile guests. He has recently performed at Bappa Lahiri's Sangeet. His Remix tracks get air played by several desi radio channels around the world. He is the Winner of 15 War Of DJs, Musically trained, an MBA & Partner in India's Premier DJ Academy. Remix Producer of 13 Official Remixes on Bollywood OST of "Hum Tum Shabana", "Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bandhe", "De Dana Dan", "Jai Veeru", "The Apartment", "A Flat" & many more. He has performed in USA, Africa, Middle East & all of India. His remixes of "Kolaveri - Tapori Mix", "Anna Hazare Mix", "I'll do the talking tonight" and many others have been played by all popular DJs & fans alike. With an experience of more than 9 years DJ Akhil Talreja adds immense value & quality to the course & the academy.
DJ Akhil's complete profile can be viewed on

DJ Akhil Talreja

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