Amrinder Gill

Punjabi Singer from Amritsar



As one of the most recognizable voices in Punjab music of the past three years, Amrinder Gill delivers yet smooth mix of delicate folk-rooted songs and up-tempo dance tunes using the extraordinary productions skills of 'The Music Man' Sukshinder Shinda.

Born and raised in village Boorchand Amritsar, Punjab, Amrinder Gill has become a firm favorite with the new generation of Punjabi music fans with his laid back style, up-market video and catchy Punjabi pop tracks, while having a hold over Desi lovers with his range of emotional songs. His breakthrough track "Paigam" established him a voice of the future and he has since gone from strength to strength with hits like "Daru", "Madhaania", "Khedan De Din" with Sunidhi Chauhan, and the colossal hits "Mail Kara de" and "Dildarian".

As a self tough vocalist with postproduction, Amrinder Gill's rise to fame is unique in that he had no direct musical influence during his upbringing. This 9 tracker follows on from "Dildarian" and filled with lyrics that are delivered with raw, uninhibited emotion and surrounded by tight musical arrangements. His lyrical honestly in dealing with painful emotions is refreshing while his instantly warming vocals on the upbeat songs are tempting.

The unison with 'The Music Man' will prove to be another lethal combination of passionate vocals and dynamic musical moods. Amrinder Gill is equally at home on a stage in the villages of the Punjab to the slick music videos made for music TV.

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