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Born in India and moved to Nairobi, Kenya at the age of 3 when his family migrated, there young Sukhbir honed his singing and music production skills, first as an accomplished musician who can play almost any instrument, or can learn a new instrument within minutes! and later as a versatile vocalist who can sing in 9 languages including Swahili, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish He spent 18 years in Nairobi before moving to London,U.K. he began recording in 1991 before moving to Dubai in 1992

His first album (New Stylee) was recorded in Dubai and had many foreign influences. The album though, was nominated and won the 1996 Channel V Awards in three categories: Best Debut Album, Best Male Vocalist and Best Music Video (for "Punjabi Munde"). He can sing in nine languages, and his album "Oi Triesto" has many Spanish and Portuguese vocals and music.
His second album, Gal Ban Gayi, sold over a million copies in the first week of release. He was awarded the Prestigious Golden disk award by Indian music society for this. The title song was a huge hit. He received a platinum disc for this.
His third album, Hai Energy, repeated the success, selling millions of copies. The album contained the song Ishq tera tardpaye, which is one of Sukhbir's signature tunes and is the most played song in the history of Indian music.

His other album, Dil Kare, includes hits such as the title song and Nachle Soniye. The video to the song 'Girls Girls Girls' features various Indian beauties, such as Ashwaiya Rai Bachan, Priyanka Chopra and Celina Jaitley.

He has collaborated with Bollywood singer Shaan with the track 'Deewana'. His collaboration with Pakistani singer Shezad Roy has been received very well worldwide and the video promotes the subtle message of peace and unity. Sukhbir's unique Bhangra is a fusion of Bhangra with rap, techno and reggae. The juxtaposition of these musical styles is enhanced by Sukhbir's use of original Bhangra instruments like the dhol and dholak. In Oi Triesto, his music was complemented by Spanish and Portuguese rhythms, while he also uses instruments like: tablas, congos, guitars and keyboards in his music. In the realm of Indian music, he cites Michael Jackson as his biggest influences as far as singing and live performances go. He sung the song Dil laga from Dhoom 2. He has also sung a song with Indian band Josh. When the tsunami occurred he sung a song with Jassi Sidhu, Shin, DCS and Taz, stereo nation. He is back to singing now and his new album is Tere naal nachna.

Sukhbir recently won face of the year in Masala Lifestyle awards

His latest venture is a debut in a Punjabi film where he plays himself and has also sung a track in the film.

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