Artist Terms & Conditions

Role of

  • Party Map is an Online Artist Booking Service
  • Party Map limits itself to suggesting and facilitating bookings of artists for the client.

Promotion Terms for the Client

  • The client has to give Party Map and the Artist the required exposure before and during the event in all marketing communication. All promotional text should include "Artist Courtesy" or " presents " along with logo located here
    and a hyperlink to in all online promotions.
  • Promotion - Hi-res photos of the Artist shall be shared with the client upon request. All Artist related promotional material shall be approved by the artist before the client can publish it.

Payment Terms

  • Payment Terms - Artist would need 50% of the amount deposited in the bank account mentioned in the invoice and the remaining 50% 1 week before the show. The payments made shall be only for the performance of the artist and are exclusive of F&B, Air Travel, Ground Transfers and Accommodation.


  • Accommodation - Client has to provide accommodations in a 5 star hotel near the venue with WI-FI capability in the room. All meals should be taken care by the client. The Artist and his/her team shall not be liable to pay room service charges.

Show Flow

  • Client shall discuss the entire schedule and activities concerned with the Artist, promotional interviews at the time of confirmation of the booking.
  • If booking a DJ, the Client has to arrange for a local DJ to begin and end the party for the main DJ and give latter a break if required. The DJ shall perform for 2 hours only.

Standard Equipments Used by a DJ

  • Equipments - Equipments to be arranged for DJ has to be 2 Pioneer CDJ 1000S Mark 3/2000 CD Players, 1 Pioneer DJM 600/800/900 DJ Mixer, with 1 Shure SM58 corded microphone with a mic stand and 2 branded monitor speakers to be placed on DJs right and left side, 1 table lamp and 1 waist length table to accommodate CD files

Standard Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Cancellation & Refund - Any fee paid is non refundable if the show is canceled due to reasons attributable to the client or if the client fails to comply with any of the above terms of the contract.


  • Security - The security and safety of the Artist and his/her team is the sole responsibility of the client at all times. The client shall provide the Artist with tight security during the performance.

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