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Learn to produce dance music via Online training with a personal trainer

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PartyMap - India's no.1 Electronic Music Education Academy lets you learn Music Production from the comfort of your home via live video conference. This course will enable you to make music using the leading softwares in the world and you will be able to create dance music and experiment styles like House, Trance, Hip Hop, Dub Step, Drum n Bass, Dhol & Desi. This course will give you an insight into the Bollywood Remix industry with loads and loads of examples. The online course is a certification course and you will receive a certificate at the end of the course. You will be working on assignments and presenting your project files to the faculty for review. You will receive a starter kit of sound samples and plugins to kick start your music production projects.

Course - Electronic Music Production + with FL Studio

Code - EMP+
Course Structure - View it Here
Sessions - 16
Schedule - Twice a week 2 Hrs each
Fees - USD 920 or Rs.58,000

Course - Mastering on FL Studio

Code - MST
Course Structure - View it Here
Sessions - 10
Schedule - Thrice a week 1 Hr each
Fees - USD 400 or Rs.24,000

Combo Course - Music Production & Mastering

Code - EMPM
We recommend the combination of EMP+ and MST
Period - 3 Months
Fees - USD 1000 or Rs.65,000

Requirements for this course

1. You should be well versed with English or Hindi language
2. You require a Windows power computer with HD cam & Headphones
3. Internet Bandwidth 1 mbps [up/down] preferable 2 mbps [up/down]
4. We will guide you with the installation of the required softwares

Payment Terms

1. You can make a payment of 50% to reserve your seat.
2. The rest 50% has to be paid to begin the course.
3. You can pay to our Bank or Paypal account
3. There shall be no refund whatsoever

Terms & Conditions

1. Only the person paying for this course is liable for training
2. Presence of any other person at the trainee's end during the session will cause suspension and/or termination.
3. The sessions will be scheduled by the Academy
4. In case of riots or acts of God or unforeseen circumstances or Indian public holidays the sessions will be re-scheduled
5. You will not create a video recording of the session or make the video public
6. We are not responsible if sessions are not delivered due to poor connectivity or a slow hardware setup at your end.

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Email us on onlinecourse [at] partymap [dot] in

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