Mustafa Zahid

Bollywood Singer from Mumbai



Mustafa Zahid (Urdu:مصطفی زاہد) is a Pakistani rock artist who has enjoyed a lot of success since bursting into the public eye in 2006 with his hit single "Tera Mera Rishta". Mustafa is also the band leader and the lead vocalist of Roxen, an all out rock band which he formed with some of his friends in 2004. Apart from his awe inspiring voice, Mustafa's style and personality contribute to his success as well. Born in Lahore, Mustafa had his interest in music ever since he was a little boy. He was noted first for his amazing stage-like performances and not his voice. At first, it was thought that he would be related to showbiz as an actor. In the mid of 2007, he gave two of his chart busters songs for the Bollywood movie Awarapan although Pritam did the music for the film it was mostly unknown that songs were originally composed and written by Mustafa himself.With some help from the Bollywood music Djs the remix of the songs became anthems. It was the biggest music deal of his career and his devotion to the songs of the movie is still chronicled everywhere. After Awarapan, Mustafa in 2009 came out with another Bollywood release 'Khuda Kay Liye' from the film Runway. He is considered to be one of the top vocalists in Pakistan and is also gaining popularity worldwide. 2012 saw Mustafa hit back with a massive bang.He was the first Pakistani singer to be featured in as many as 2 songs on soundtrack of an album.The three songs from Blood Money has already become rage worldwide. Jo tere Sang, Gunah kia and Teri Yaadon Se are said to be one of the best Mustafa Zahids work till today. 2013 has Mustafa Zahid written all over it! 'Hum Jee Lenge' from Murder 3 will be followed by 'Junoon' from Shootout at Wadala and then 'Bhula Dena' from Aashiqui 2 will be Mustafa Zahids projects. Mustafa currently have an official website & he stated in an interview that he does have a page on Facebook

He has performed in over a 50 cities worldwide including New York, Glasgow, Karachi, Mumbai, Dubai Manama, London Wembley arena..

Mustafa Zahid gave special appearance at Sensation Crown Plaza Dubai on 27 September 2012 with DJ Suketu Live.

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