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PartyMap Mini

Franchise For Music Producers


PartyMap DJ Academy is a popular DJ Academy in India that has crafted a niche for itself in the shortest possible time. We are India's only DJ Academy with the widest reach with centers spanning from Bangalore to Delhi and Mumbai to Kolkata. This is due to our best in class educational curriculum and quality faculties. However we have still not reached out to several music lovers in the deepest part of India. And hence we have created this program to expand our network of trainers far and wide.

Why should PRODUCERS opt for PartyMap Mini?

  1. Producers can now become teachers and generate Income in Lakhs

  2. Simplify admission process and marketing

  3. Run it professionally with our software and services

  4. Get an account manager who will manage and motivate you to run it as a proper business

  5. Get a big company image instead of a tiny home run setup

  6. Get assurance of business and establish a name in the market

  7. Get addressed as "Sir" with respect by your students & create followers

  8. Get full Marketing and Branding support from PartyMap

  9. Get fixed income from your skill set. Become independent and a business owner

  10. No need to invest in an office or pay rent for this program.

  11. You can be up and running within 48 hours

Why is PartyMap doing this?

  1. PartyMap was setup with the passion to teach DJing and Music production to aspiring students
  2. .
  3. With our limited presence in India we are unable to educate those who cannot visit our academy.

  4. India is a very large country and it is not an easy task to reach out to those who have the passion for creating music.

  5. To create several centers across India means connecting each and every Trainer and form a network

  6. Since Music has no Language each and everyone who understands the use of Software and Music theory can learn this art

  7. The great thing about India is that it's music is diverse and rich in Melody. Indians at the same time are flexible and adopted

  8. different styles of music making without even travelling to different countries to learn that music

  9. Electronic Music Production requires in depth knowledge sharing and has been easily adopted by various kids and music lovers in every part of the World.

  10. They need this knowledge now and from a trusted source.

  11. Not only do people want to learn, even teachers need students and they need to generate income from Music.

  12. We want to be that brand that delivers Music Education in deepest part of India.

  13. We want to bridge the gap between music creation and learning and hence we have created PARTYMAP MINI

What is the investment and gain?

1. Earn awesome returns on fees collected, which is more than FD and Mutual Fund Investment
2. Minimum investment. Simple Branding.
3. No hefty franchise fee.
4. Get immediate recognition as a Registered National Trainer on PartyMap branding platforms
5. PartyMap will do all the centralised marketing for you

Who can apply?

1. Producers using FL or Ableton and using it professionally to create wonderful Bollywood Remixes (not only EDM tracks)
2. Producers willing to teach to generate healthy income
3. Producers who are already teaching and want more growth
4. Producers who have a decent infrastructure in their studio or room in their residence

How to Apply?

1. Send us the profile of the producer and remixes made
2. Send us the photographs of his setup
3. If you are a teacher then send us the course curriculum created
4. How much fees you charge and number of students and batches you take in a year

Contact Us

mini [AT] partymap [dot] in or fill the form below

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Who cannot apply?

1. Any producer staying in the radius of 10 km of our existing PartyMap DJ Academies
2. Producer with no teaching skills or not keen on teaching