Sound Setup Course for DJs

A 2 week crash course on setting up large PA systems with your Digital DJ setup

We have had many DJs asking us lots of questions about Large Sound systems. As this is a vast topic we have narrowed it down in a 2 week crash course specifically for DJs. It is very important to know your sound before you perform at your event. This course will help you to master this area. Sound Setup course will be focusing on Analog & Digital Crossover.

Course Structure


2 Weeks


Thrice a week for 2 Hours each


PartyMap's course on Sound Setup is in collaboration with Mumbai's renowned sound specialist Mr. Roger Drego. The course will be taught practically on standard equipments. The details are as follows -

Day 1

Introduction & Theory

1. Introduction to Amplifiers

2. Introduction to Crossovers (Analog & Digital)

Day 2


1. Sizing of Equipments (Need of Speakers for different number of Crowd & Location)

2. Wires (Types of Wires & Uses)

3. Parts of Amplifier

Day 3


1. Parts of Crossovers (Analog & Digital)

2. Presets for Digital Crossovers

3. Diagram of the setup.

Day 4

Connections Practical

1. How to connect a setup for Bass Speakers, Tops, Monitors and Microphones.

2. Looping of Speakers – Left & Right.

Day 5

Connections Practical & Examination

1. Practice of Students

2. Doubt clearing

3. Steps to be taken at emergency

4. Examination

Day 6

On Field Training with Mr. Roger Drego

1. Live connection setup

2. Demonstration of Speakers

3. Sizing of speakers